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As a marketing & PR professional, I’ve contributed to many decks for work, as a student,
and in various organizations pertaining to research, campaigns, and problem-solving.

BEREAL A deck I made while interning @ Sony Pictures on how the app BeReal could be integrated in social campaigns for upcoming films.

Presented to 100+ members on the marketing and publicity teams.

PITCH DECKS As a multicultural intern at Allied Global Marketing, I’m often tasked with brainstorming campaign ideas to be added to marketing decks. 

These decks are presented to clients shopping to activate an agency to help with marketing efforts for specific titles.

While interning @ Sony Pictures, a project I was asked to do was read the script for the upcoming film “Gran Turismo” and make a marketing deck with activation ideas for the pre-launch campaign.

I focused on influencer activation and potential partnerships with creators and brands.

RCG CASE ANALYSIS For the final project of my PR Strategy class, I was tasked with picking a PR case and conveying the following in a presentation:

Executive summary, crisis research, objectives, progamming, evaluation, recommendations.

HBO MAX ANALYSIS For the final project of my
“The Business of Global Media & Entertainment Companies” class, I was tasked with picking a streaming service and conveying the following in a presentation:

Platform Overview, Price Points, Library Content Functionality, Competitive Advantage, Marketing, Audience, SWOT Analysis.

PR RESEARCH PROJECTFor the final project of my
PR Research class, I was tasked with picking a brand, a problem the brand is facing, and conducting primary research on the brand’s image.

My group and I then formed a PR campaign on fixing the issue.

PR ANALYTICS PROJECTFor the midterm project of my
PR Research class, my team and I created a survey with the objective of finding out how college students felt about iPhone glitching issues. 

We used the software SPSS to visualize the data we received from 110 respondents and made analyses and suggestions based off our findings.

MARKET INFOGRAPHICDuring my time as an executive assistant for the VP of Student Affairs at University of Miami, I was tasked with doing an audience insights research project for the school’s Wednesday Farmer’s Market.

I interviewed five students on their opinions about the market and reported my findings to the SA office to help with decision making on vendors, prices, etc.

For the final project of my
New Product Development class, I was tasked with ideating a product and pitching it to a panel of investors in a Shark Tank-type presentation.

My team and I divvied up the presentation based on skills. I focused on product design and marketing/advertising.